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Grimm's is a family driven and sustainably managed manufacturer of safe, high quality toys
in Germany. These are heirloom quality, hand crafted, wooden toys that will last for years
of imaginative play. For many products, assembly and packaging is completed in coooperation with handicapped individuals as part of a sheltered workshop.

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Grimm's Large 12 Piece Rainbow
CODE: Grimms 12 piece rainbow
Grimm's Natural Grasping Beads
CODE: Grimm's Natural Grasping Beads
Grimm's Octagon Puzzle
CODE: Grimm's Octagon Puzzle
Grimm's Pastel Grasping Beads
CODE: Grimm's Pastel Grasping Beads
Grimm's Pastel Rainbow
CODE: Grimm's Pastel Rainbow
Grimm's Rainbow Boat Grasping Toy
CODE: Grimm's Rainbow Boat Infant toy
Grimm's Rainbow Friends
CODE: Grimm's Rainbow Friends
Grimm's Rainbow Grasping Beads
CODE: Grimms grasping beads
Grimm's Rainbow Mosaic Cubes
CODE: Grimm's 36 Cubes
Grimm's Small Element Set
CODE: Grimm's Mini Elements
Grimm's Small Rainbow
CODE: Grimm's Mini Rainbow
Grimm's Small Stacking Earth
CODE: Grimm's Mini Earth
Grimm's Small Stacking Fire
CODE: Grimm's Mini Stacking Fire
Grimm's Small Stepped Pyramid
CODE: Grimm's Small Pyramid
Grimm's Small Water Waves
CODE: Grimms small water waves
Grimm's Spirelli
CODE: Grimms spirelli
Grimm's Stacking Wave Tunnel
Grimm's Sunset Rainbow
CODE: Grimm's Sunset Rainbow
Grimm's Wooden Earth
CODE: Grimm's Earth
Grimm's Wooden Heart Grasping Toy
CODE: Grimms heart grasping
Grimm's Wooden Hexagonal Rattle
CODE: Grimms hexagonal rattle
Results 1-24 of 29
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