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  HABA offers a phenomenal collection of kid’s toys that encourage early development, promote learning, and stimulate imaginations. You can buy children’s toys and games for all age groups that the whole family will love! HABA is a family-owned and operated German toy company that has been creating educational and fun children’s toys and games for over 80 years. Your family will cherish the fun memories they create while playing, laughing, and learning with HABA toys
for years to come. Feel confident you’re buying children’s toys that strengthen
crucial developmental skills, benefit educational growth, inspire playful activity, and spark creativity.

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Brain Builder Peg Set
CODE: HABA Brain Builder
Extra Large Wooden Block Set
CODE: HABA basic building blocks extra large set
Farm Friends Wooden Book
CODE: HABA Farm Friends
HABA Capitol Block Set
CODE: HABA capitol blocks
HABA Children of the World Puzzle
CODE: HABA Children Puzzle
HABA Discovery Blocks
CODE: HABA Discovery Blocks
HABA Doorway Puppet Theater
CODE: HABA Doorway Puppet Theater
HABA Fantasy Blocks
CODE: habafantasyblock
HABA Monster-Torte Game
CODE: HABA Monster Torte
HABA On the Farm Wooden Layer Puzzle
CODE: HABA On the Farm Puzzle
HABA Rainbow Ring
CODE: HABA Rianbow RIng
Haba Storyblocks
CODE: Haba Storyblocks
Karuba Game
CODE: HABA Karuba Game
Magnetic Number Train
CODE: Haba Magnetic Number Train
Magnetic Town Maze
CODE: Haba Magnetic Game Town Maze
Monster Pile-on Game
CODE: HABA Monster pile on
Motor Skills Board
CODE: Haba-Motor Skills Board
My Time of Year Wooden Puzzle
CODE: Haba-My Time of Year
Perfect Pairs
CODE: HABA Perfect Pairs
Special Blocks Accessory Set
CODE: HABA special blocks accessory set
Triangle Rattle
Wooden Basic Building Blocks Large Set
CODE: HABA basic building blocks large set
Wooden Clothes Pins
Wooden Eggs
Results 1-24 of 45
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