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A world of imaginative, open-ended play opens up when your kiddo plays with puppets. Puppet play, a sub-set of pretend play, is a type of play to which young children are naturally drawn. Playing with puppets encourages verbal and language skills, cognitive development, social-emotional development, and fine motor skill development.  All of this happens while having fun!

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Folkmanis Alpaca Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Alpaca Puppet
Folkmanis Baby Black Bear
CODE: folk baby black bear
Folkmanis Baby Chimpanzee
CODE: Folk baby chimpanzee
Folkmanis Baby Dutch Rabbit
CODE: Folkmanis Baby Dutch Rabbit
Folkmanis Baby Emperor Penguin Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis baby penguin
Folkmanis Baby Hippo Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Baby Hippo
Folkmanis Baby Lop Rabbit Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Baby Lop
Folkmanis Baby Raccoon
CODE: folkbabyraccoon
Folkmanis Baby Sea Otter
CODE: Folkmanis Baby Sea Otter
Folkmanis Baby Sloth
CODE: Folkmanis Baby Sloth
Folkmanis Barred Rock Rooster
CODE: Folkmanis Rock Rooster
Folkmanis Bear in Tree Stump
CODE: Folkmanis Bear in Tree Stump
Folkmanis Bleating Sheep Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Bleating Sheep
Folkmanis Canada Goose Puppet
CODE: Folklmanis Canada Goose
Folkmanis Chameleon Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Chameleon
Folkmanis Chipmunk Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Chipmunk Puppet
Folkmanis Desert Rain Frog
CODE: Folkmanis Desert Rain Frog
Folkmanis Duckling Puppet
CODE: Folk duckling
Folkmanis Eastern Chipmunk
CODE: Folkmanis chipmunk
Folkmanis Elephant Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Elephant
Folkmanis Enchanted Tree Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Enchanted Tree
Folkmanis Funny Frog Puppet
CODE: Folk Funny Frog
Folkmanis Goat Puppet
CODE: Folkmanis Goat
Results 1-24 of 100
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