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Waldorf Toys

Waldorf schools, which originated in the 1920’s, have always provided children with toys made of natural materials, such as wood, silk, wool, and cotton.  One important hallmark of a “Waldorf toy” is that it be nourishing to a young child’s senses.  Waldorf toys are also beautiful to behold, because sight is as important as touch.

Toys that are made from natural materials, with rich, natural colors, and that are lovingly handcrafted are inviting, and contribute to a child’s “sense of life.” Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Waldorf education, suggested that children’s playthings should be largely unformed in order to stimulate a child’s imagination. Consequently, Waldorf toys are often simple, without a lot of detail, and encourage open-ended play.

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Arts and Crafts Library
CODE: Kid Made Modern Arts & Crafts Library
Enchanted Playsilks - Blossom
CODE: Enchanted Playsilks
Enchanted Playsilks - Rainbow
CODE: Enchanted Playsilks
Enchanted Playsilks - Sea
CODE: Enchanted Playsilks
Giant Night Sky Silkscape
CODE: Sarahs giant night sky
Grimm's Concentric Circles and Rings
CODE: Grimm's Concentric Circles and Rings
Grimm's Cornerstones Building Set
CODE: Grimm's Cornerstones Building Set
Grimm's Large 100 Piece Stepped Pyramid
CODE: Grimms stepped pyramid
Grimm's Large 12 Piece Rainbow
CODE: Grimms 12 piece rainbow
Grimm's Large Conical Tower
CODE: Grimms large stacking tower
Grimm's Natural Grasping Beads
CODE: Grimm's Natural Grasping Beads
Grimm's Octagon Puzzle
CODE: Grimm's Octagon Puzzle
Grimm's Pastel Grasping Beads
CODE: Grimm's Pastel Grasping Beads
Grimm's Pastel Rainbow
CODE: Grimm's Pastel Rainbow
Grimm's Rainbow Friends
CODE: Grimm's Rainbow Friends
Grimm's Rainbow Mosaic Cubes
CODE: Grimm's 36 Cubes
Grimm's Small Element Set
CODE: Grimm's Mini Elements
Grimm's Small Rainbow
CODE: Grimm's Mini Rainbow
Grimm's Small Stacking Earth
CODE: Grimm's Mini Earth
Grimm's Small Stacking Fire
CODE: Grimm's Mini Stacking Fire
Grimm's Small Stepped Pyramid
CODE: Grimm's Small Pyramid
Grimm's Small Water Waves
CODE: Grimms small water waves
Results 1-24 of 43
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