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Woodstock Chimes offers a unique variety of high quality, affordable musical gifts from around
the world that inspire, entertain and bring pleasure to people of all ages.
Here you will find the world-famous Woodstock Chimes and a line
of award-winning musical instruments and toys called the Woodstock Music Collection.  Woodstock is a family-owned business located in New York's
beautiful Hudson Valley.

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American Slide Whistle
CODE: woodstock american slide
Emperor Harp Chime
CODE: woodstock emperor harp
Emperor Harp Chime-Large
CODE: woodstock emperor harp-L
Woodstock Chimalong
Woodstock Club Ukulele
CODE: Woodstock Club Ukulele
Woodstock Kazoo
CODE: Woodstockkazoo
Woodstock Mini Chimalong
CODE: Mini Chimalong
Woodstock Mini Solo Chime
CODE: Woodstock Mini Solo Chime
Woodstock Pipedream
CODE: Woodstock Pipedream
$79.95on sale
Woodstock Zenergy Chime - Trio
CODE: woodstock zenergy3
Woodstock Zenergy Chime - Quintet
CODE: Woodstock Zenergy5
Woodstock Zenergy Chime - Solo
CODE: woodstock zenergy
Woodstock Zenergy Meditation Chime
CODE: woodstock zenergy2
Results 15
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